Bad Book Reviews: Joshua

Day 6/30 Imagine a book of the Bible so extra that Jesus himself didn’t quote it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: the book of Joshua. The book begins with a series of stories painting Joshua as the new Moses, but like a copy of a copy of Moses. You know… almost as good…
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Bad Book Reviews: Deuteronomy

Day 5/30 Ever read a bad summary of a book that’s already been written? That’s what Deuteronomy is. Which makes this a review of a review. Welcome to bad review Inception. After forty years of wandering through the wilderness Israel found itself on the slopes of Moab overlooking the Jordan River. Across lay the promised…
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Bad Book Reviews: Numbers

Day 4/30  Bad Book Reviews: Numbers The book of Numbers if for people who like to read census data… of the most whiny and ungracious bunch of toddlers ever counted. Grab your pacifiers friends. Let’s start with the fact that there’s a book in our Bible titled Numbers. Who thought that was a good idea?…
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Bad Book Reviews: Leviticus

Day 3/30  Bad Book Reviews: Leviticus Leviticus really writes it’s own bad review. I write this to save you the time. And let’s be honest. I could write anything here about Leviticus and no one would know any better because no one reads it. No one reads it, that is, until they need ammunition to…
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Bad Book Reviews: Exodus

Day 2/30  Exodus Exodus is where reading plans come to die. If you’ve made this far into your New Year’s resolution to read the Bible cover to cover, powered by the enthusiasm of a champagne filled night singing Auld Lang Syne with your best friends, let me save you some trouble. Go ahead and quit…
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Bad Book Reviews: Genesis

In the beginning the author of Genesis created the most cliché intro for a book ever… and then went on to amateur psychology his way into as many human relationship tropes as possible before settling on a plot with any recognizable continuity. I say “his” because I can’t imagine a woman writing such a myopically…
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If there’s one proverbial nail that Christianity hit on the head it’s that we’re all broken and in need of repentance. Which is why I’m so heartbroken over white Christians’ unwillingness to admit and repent of our racist past in the United States or to address the ways that past still haunts us today. Ideologies…
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Middle Children

I had a great conversation with my middle child about the difference between fairness and justice this week. Middle kids are acutely aware of fairness. They’re used to getting the short end of the stick. So they develop keen sensitivities to smaller glasses of milk and shorter time allotments on the Playstation. Wise parents enforce…
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As it is in Heaven

30/30 Last day. Let’s talk about last things. Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride…
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Day 29/Forever (wink, wink Mrs. Carol) Getting close to the end of this 30 day challenge and I thought I’d reflect a little on what I’ve experienced. First, thank you. Your kindness and support have been overwhelming. I’ve reconnected with teachers, coaches, and old friends from past lives long forgotten. The insecurity I had to…
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