The Wall

Day 5/30

I’ve already written and deleted two blogs today and I may not even post this one. I overslept then had a morning meeting. I’m sitting in a construction site of a home I’m hoping to flip or rent with a bazillion things to do and everything I write is garbage. I’ve hit a wall.

I was told this would happen. Some days you just strike out, especially early on. But you get up, dust yourself off, commit to the process, get up earlier the next day and put the computer back in your lap.

So today let me just take an opportunity to say thank you to those who’ve encouraged me. It’s a frightening thing to write something meaningful and put it out there for everyone to see. Certainly I’ve made some mad. But the practice has been life-giving. And the support has been overwhelmingly affirming.

Tomorrow’s both Epiphany and the 1st anniversary of the attack on the Capitol. Maybe I’ll think of something to write about by then.

Love y’all.

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