Shabbat Shalom

Day 8/30 There’s an unmarked trail in the Sipsey Wilderness that you can only follow at night. I know this because I blazed that trail. I was trying to create a two-ish hour loop that I could take teenagers on at night (long story in another blog maybe, to quell the psychopath vibes of that…
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Dear White Friends

Day 7/30 Last night in between images of the confederate flag in our Capitol I saw a political ad of our governor promising to never allow Critical Race Theory to be taught in public schools. We need to talk about racism. The practice of chattel slavery in the US lasted 246 years, roughly ten generations,…
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Storming the Sanctuary

Day 6/30 My blood never boiled in a pulpit more than January 10, 2021… the Sunday after the attack on the Capitol. Because of Covid, we were not having in-person worship. And because it was after Christmas, the lead pastor was out and I was preaching the sanctuary service. We were recording live on Sunday…
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The Wall

Day 5/30 I’ve already written and deleted two blogs today and I may not even post this one. I overslept then had a morning meeting. I’m sitting in a construction site of a home I’m hoping to flip or rent with a bazillion things to do and everything I write is garbage. I’ve hit a…
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My First Love

Day 4/30 A professor in seminary asked: If it were somehow proven that the resurrection was false; if they found Jesus’s bones and made a DNA match or Paul’s journal was discovered admitting the whole thing was a con; ignoring the obvious problems, including the fact that half of the country wouldn’t believe it depending…
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Rabies Vaccines for Christmas

Day 3/30 I’ve always wanted to tell this story but never had a sermon-worthy spin to put on it. With the controversy over Covid vaccinations and no need for this to end in grace or hope, now seems like the perfect time. Buckle up anti-vaxxers. My family owned a hardware store in rural Alabama that…
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What Are We Doing Here?

Day 2/30 What Are We Doing Here? I came across a study a few years ago that changed the way I think about church. It wasn’t Barna or Pew – which both regularly release studies showing the decline in church attendance especially among younger generations. Those are scary enough. But this terrified me. It was…
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Where Otherwise The Difference Won’t Be Made

On January 2, 2000 driving south down I-65 through Cullman, Alabama God reminded me I only get one life. I had recently graduated from Auburn with a Mechanical Engineering degree and was working at Wyle Labratories in Huntsville. (All engineers in Alabama at some point work in Huntsville. It’s our Mecca.) But for months I…
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“The Desert Fathers believed that the wilderness had been created as supremely valuable in the eyes of God precisely because it had no value to men… The desert was created simply to be itself, not to be transformed by men into something else. So too the mountain and the sea. The desert is therefore the…
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